Discount Credits - Given On Every Purchase

As an Amben Member, when you buy from a Participating Merchant, you will receive Discount Credits for every purchase. This begins with a Discount Credit of 10% of the purchase amount; and the discount increases to 20% when you refer 3 new Members. Discount Credits can then be used in lieu of cash, up to 50% on any subsequent purchase from any Amben Merchant.*

For example: When you’ve received a (10%) Discount Credit of $3 on a $30 purchase, you could apply it toward a subsequent purchase from any Amben Merchant —- Let’s say your next purchase would be $40. Your payment would then consist of $37 cash and the $3 Discount Credit. If you are entitled to a 20% discount, because 3 of the people you referred have joined the Buyers Club, your subsequent purchase payment would consist of $34 cash and $6 Discount Credit.

Discount Credits Never Expire! - *Cannot be combined with any other discount

Most Merchants Accept Discount Credits all the time — Even when they are not currently offering any discounted deals.

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