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Potentially earn $1,000*, every year, for every Member you refer.

This is how it works. When a member makes purchases, a portion of Amben’s fees is shared with the person who referred that Member.

And that is not all, we link referrers up to 6 levels.

For example:

If you refer Jack, and Jack refers John > Jane > Jordan > Joe. Then when Jack, John, Jane, and Jordan make purchases, YOU receive referral income.

But what if you, Jack, John, Jane, and Jordan were to refer 3 people each instead of just one, and their referrers also referred 3 people each for all 6 levels?

Well, then there would be 1092 people who’s purchases would generate income for YOU!

Discount Credits - Given On Every Purchase

As an Amben Member, when you buy from a Participating Merchant, you will receive Discount Credits for every purchase. This begins with a Credit of 10% of the purchase amount.

And the discount increases to 20% when you refer 3 new Members.

Discount Credits can then be used in lieu of cash, up to 50% on any subsequent purchase from any Amben Merchant.

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Revenue Sharing income could be substantial; but actual amount realzed by any individual Member will be dependent on a number of factors that could result in minimal earnings, and in some cases, no earnings at all. Those factors, how they can impact earnings, and Amben’s “Revenue Sharing Payment Formula.” used to fund Revenue Sharing payments are fully described in Amben’s Terms of Use.

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